Amsterdam – Weekend Guide!

Even if your Euro trip is overloaded with plans, a quick hello to the Venice of the north is a must! 🇳🇱 So for all of you guys, often asking me about unique activities to try out and delicious places to eat at, I'm sharing this blog. The hereafter will give you a short yet condensed summary... Continue Reading →

Recomended: 5 Lovey-dovey Valentine Destinations!

While I haven't really visited any of these locations on Valentine's day, the starry views, peaceful atmosphere, and cozy spots are exactly what the heart desire, when celebrating similar special occasions. 1- Langkawi, Malaysia 🇲🇾 Take an early sunrise hike, discover the surrounding virgin islands on a jetski, or simply sunbathe on the sandy beaches. Langkawi's private... Continue Reading →

A Short Horror Story – Tourist Visa!

As most of you know, I'm Lebanese, and unfortunately, like many other Lebanese, we suffer when planning our travels. Not for common reasons such as costs, days off etc... But simply because we need to apply for visas to almost all the countries around the globe! Since I began traveling around more, I started to... Continue Reading →

On my list: 10 Travel Experiences!

Looking for some travel inspiration? You might be interested in checking out my top 10 experiences, and pick some to add to your 2018 plans! Here you will be able to find some new trails, spot wildlife from around the world and enjoy unique experiences! 1. Ride an air balloon over the Angels Fall, Venezuela 🇻🇪... Continue Reading →

BEST OF 2017 – Travel Plans!

I was surprised to see my list reaching 14 different destinations in one year!! And since each trip had its own magical moments, I felt like I had to include them all in my BEST OF 2017 travel plans! 👌🏼 And here they are: January - Starting off the year in Malaysia! 🇲🇾    February - Hustling and... Continue Reading →

BEST OF 2017 – Life Plans!

Here we are ending the year and starting a new one! On days like these, we're usually full of emotions, especially when we look back at our resolutions, to check whether we've achieved all of them or left some behind. Did you have some flashbacks reading this? For me, this year was phenomenal on too many different... Continue Reading →

Bucket list: destination wedding!

What would you expect from an engaged traveler? . . A destination wedding! DUHHHH! “A small wedding with close friends only? What about your parents?” Or “Why outside Lebanon?” Unlimited amount of questions coming mostly from brides to be. And my answer is “why not?” My advice for them is so simple: "This night won't... Continue Reading →

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