I finally did it!

I’ve always wanted to document my travels somewhere. I thought about carrying a journal to write down the good memories, keep a track of the places I’ve enjoyed the most, even sketching some of the most beautiful landscapes that I’ve encountered. But obviously, hardcopy felt too old style, so here I am falling deeper into the digital world.

I recently moved out of Dubai and into the Netherlands, and with no friends to communicate with, I had to find a way to let my thoughts out somewhere, somehow, otherwise, I’ll start conversating myself!!

So here it is, I hope it adds a little bit of excitement to the explorers planning their next adventures, some next trip ideas for the hard workers sitting behind their desks, and some more love and acceptance to the ones that tend to judge what they have failed to discover.

Follow my Instagram for a more visual aspect of my trips until I hopefully to upgrade to video :))

Ya well, better late than never!


Douni – The Traveler.

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