Bucket list: destination wedding!

What would you expect from an engaged traveler?



A destination wedding! DUHHHH!


“A small wedding with close friends only? What about your parents?” Or “Why outside Lebanon?” Unlimited amount of questions coming mostly from brides to be. And my answer is “why not?” My advice for them is so simple:

“This night won’t happen again, so make sure it looks like you two, and not like everyone else.” Even if it looks like this:


So, if you finally decide that you’d like to go for a destination wedding, you can move to step one:

1st your answer should be yes to all the below:

  1. Not trying to blow millions of dollars to impress?
  2. Not willing to sweat and make a fool of yourself in front of people you don’t know?
  3. Just want to enjoy your special day in a special way with your special crowd?

2nd you should check these tips:

  1. When and where: Pre-plan country vs weather. If you’re planning an outdoor wedding you might want to consider Europe in summer? Asia in winter? Point is: don’t take risks.giphy-4.gif
  2. Invitees: strictly closed invitations. Ex: haven’t spoken in more than 6 months = not a close friend. giphy-1
  3. Decoration: focus on natural elements – no decorator can beat mother nature’s art, so pick your venue wisely. numero-00471.jpg
  4. Wedding souvenirs: customize when possible, it makes people feel special. NUMERO 0391.jpg
  5. Photos and videos: focus on saving these memories in an artistic and spontaneous way. You’re not flying across the globe to take typical photos with your bouquet next to your cheek. NUMERO 0073.jpg
  6. Packing: do not carry opinions – if it doesn’t make you happy don’t do it. Vacays are made to be enjoyed.giphy-5


Douni – the traveler

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