Luxor/Aswan – Drooling in front of greatness

Dear Egypt,

I am sorry I haven’t included you on my bucket list earlier, as you were by far one of the most enjoyable countries I have ever visited!

To the ones that made me doubt how fun this trip would be I say: 👇🏼


And by that, I invite you all to put what you might have heard about any country in the world aside, and simply #GoExplore for yourself, build your own image and never ever base anything in life on the “I heard” statement.


So, here’s what I did for less than 300$ – Read until the end to find out what you get with this rate and how you can get it!

5 days, 4 nights on a 5-star cruise from Luxor to Aswan!

Full board!

Single room with a new view every day!

Entry to 9 temples with a guide to explain every step!

Outdoor activities – Flooka rides, Hantoour etc.!

Night events, games and shows!

-> We were confused between two cruises; the “Movenpick” which we’ve seen briefly, and our final choice,”Mayfair“. Both are great, I believe the best amongst what we’ve seen. If I go back I’d try the Movenpick cruise for a change.


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Now back to business, here is my top 5 list of things that you shouldn’t miss when taking the Luxor / Aswan trip:

  1. Hatshepsut Temple – One of the most fascinating temples in Egypt! Not like any other, this temple’s story, location, design, even queen is unique in so many ways! 

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  2. Hantour (horse carriage) – Have you ever read any of Naguib Mahfouz? Well, this ride that we took in Edfu translated his descriptions of old Egypt into real images. I promise you; in Edfu, you’ll time travel in a carriage! 

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  3. Sailing boats – Beautiful to look at, gorgeous to sail in! You simply cannot reach Aswan and not check out the traditional Egyptian Flucca! 

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  4. Al Nuba – You can spot the eye-catching colorful houses from a distance! We were lucky to visit the city, and then have them perform for us in a super fun, Nubiyan themed night. Check out my look in the traditional Nubian Galabia. 

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  5. The Esna Lock – Make sure you do not visit during the maintenance dates, December to February should be the best time to do so. Our ship entered a chamber with gates on both ends of the river variations, and waited till the water was filled in order to lift up our cruise and exit through the higher water level of the Nile. 

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-> You might also want to check the Air Balloon ride in Luxor. Recommended by many, but unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to check it out.

Now moving forward to my top 3 not recommended list:

  1. The “Light and Sound” show – Wasn’t impressing; although it had a high rating on Trip Advisor, we found it very unorganized, the sound had too much noise, and the light didn’t have much technology to impress.
  2. Night outings – We spent a lot of time going around and around in taxis to find a nice spot to spend some time by the Nile at night but didn’t manage to find what we were looking for. So, you might want to consider packing some board games. 

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Believe it or not, my friends managed a lower price. And the magic word is “Bargaining”!

It’s common in Egypt, so don’t feel ashamed, unlike the Lebanese I am so bad at it, but I was taught some tricks; first and for most would be, to shut up and let them do the talking! and that is how I managed to get across the whole trip with an Egyptian rate instead of a tourist rate.  ✌🏼
If you doubt my Egyptian roots, listen to me speak Egyptian! 👇🏼

Egypt part 2 – Cairo is up next! ✌🏼


Douni – the traveler






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