Amsterdam – Weekend Guide!

Even if your Euro trip is overloaded with plans, a quick hello to the Venice of the north is a must! 🇳🇱 So for all of you guys, often asking me about unique activities to try out and delicious places to eat at, I'm sharing this blog. The hereafter will give you a short yet condensed summary... Continue Reading →

Recomended: 5 Lovey-dovey Valentine Destinations!

While I haven't really visited any of these locations on Valentine's day, the starry views, peaceful atmosphere, and cozy spots are exactly what the heart desire, when celebrating similar special occasions. 1- Langkawi, Malaysia 🇲🇾 Take an early sunrise hike, discover the surrounding virgin islands on a jetski, or simply sunbathe on the sandy beaches. Langkawi's private... Continue Reading →

A Short Horror Story – Tourist Visa!

As most of you know, I'm Lebanese, and unfortunately, like many other Lebanese, we suffer when planning our travels. Not for common reasons such as costs, days off etc... But simply because we need to apply for visas to almost all the countries around the globe! Since I began traveling around more, I started to... Continue Reading →

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