Recomended: 5 Lovey-dovey Valentine Destinations!

While I haven't really visited any of these locations on Valentine's day, the starry views, peaceful atmosphere, and cozy spots are exactly what the heart desire, when celebrating similar special occasions. 1- Langkawi, Malaysia 🇲🇾 Take an early sunrise hike, discover the surrounding virgin islands on a jetski, or simply sunbathe on the sandy beaches. Langkawi's private... Continue Reading →

BEST OF 2017 – Travel Plans!

I was surprised to see my list reaching 14 different destinations in one year!! And since each trip had its own magical moments, I felt like I had to include them all in my BEST OF 2017 travel plans! 👌🏼 And here they are: January - Starting off the year in Malaysia! 🇲🇾    February - Hustling and... Continue Reading →

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