Recomended: 5 Lovey-dovey Valentine Destinations!

While I haven't really visited any of these locations on Valentine's day, the starry views, peaceful atmosphere, and cozy spots are exactly what the heart desire, when celebrating similar special occasions. 1- Langkawi, Malaysia 🇲🇾 Take an early sunrise hike, discover the surrounding virgin islands on a jetski, or simply sunbathe on the sandy beaches. Langkawi's private... Continue Reading →

On my List: Top 10 Must-Attend Celebrations!

Pack your most colorful outfits and some confetti. Here are my top 10 events that should be added to your bucket list too! Let’s check out what the world has to offer! 👇🏼 1. The Dia de Los Muertos in Mexico 🇲🇽   Mexico, November 2.Ever since I watched 007’s Spectre movie, I knew, I would have to go to Mexico... Continue Reading →

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