On my list: 10 Travel Experiences!

Looking for some travel inspiration? You might be interested in checking out my top 10 experiences, and pick some to add to your 2018 plans! Here you will be able to find some new trails, spot wildlife from around the world and enjoy unique experiences! 1. Ride an air balloon over the Angels Fall, Venezuela 🇻🇪... Continue Reading →

On my List: Top 10 Must-Attend Celebrations!

Pack your most colorful outfits and some confetti. Here are my top 10 events that should be added to your bucket list too! Let’s check out what the world has to offer! 👇🏼 1. The Dia de Los Muertos in Mexico 🇲🇽   Mexico, November 2.Ever since I watched 007’s Spectre movie, I knew, I would have to go to Mexico... Continue Reading →

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